5'11", 225 lbs.


. Mike Augustyniak played 3 seasons for the Jets.


B ut there was another opportunity in 1981, after Augustyniak had signed as a free agent with the Jets.

Mike Stromberg 68. It is hard, lonely work at the Jets' camp, where Augustyniak, badly injured last season, is virtually alone as he tries to make his way back to top conditioning and his job as the team's fullback. Now Augustyniak finds himself with the Jets, gaining ground in an effort to earn a job in the backfield.


Mike Augustyniak, President of Augustyniak Insurance Group in Jacksonville, Florida and former Purdue and NY Jets football player is due to be inducted into the. Mike Augustyniak knew today's sentence from the Jets' physicians -that his football career was over -was a formality, that his football career had really ended. Mike Stromberg 68.

Mike Augustyniak. RT nyjetshistory December 6, 1982 NY Jets 28 Detroit 13 Pontiac Silverdome Richard Todd 23-32-384-3-1 Freeman McNeil 16-49 Mike Augustyniak 7-36 Wesley Walker 5-164.

3 draft pick.


''It was a real downer when I got cut,'' Augustyniak said. Self -.

. John Woodring, a.

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RT nyjetshistory November 1, 1981 NY Jets 26 NY Giants 7 Giants Stadium 1PM NBC Richard Todd 13-30-207-1-0 Mike Augustyniak 12-41 Wesley Walker 6-142-1 Jets D 9 sacks, 1 Int, TD TakeFlight Jetshistory TogetherBlue Jets Giants NFL NFLTwitter.
New York Jets.


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Askew 2003-2006 Isaiah Trufant. Mike Augustyniak failed to survive the final cut with the New Orleans Saints last year, so he was not there when the Saints beat the Jets for the only New Orleans victory in 1980. Receiving.

The 2005 Season Preview is 208 Pages. . . . .


Glumly, Mike Augustyniak watched the Jets' minicamp end today. .

Augustyniak, the incumbent fullback of the Jets, has been joined in training camp by Dwayne Crutchfield - whom Todd was referring to as ''Crutch'' - the club's No.

Augustyniak ran for 567 yards in.

For the first time in his life, he held a game ball in his hands, after a victory over the.

College Purdue.

Mike Stromberg 68.