. When these two were confirmed to be dating in August 2018, CUBE Entertainment decided to remove them from the company, as they felt they could no longer restore their faith and trust in each other.


Sep 28, 2022 5 K-pop idols who were kicked out of their groups from Momolands Daisy and (G)I-dles Soojin to 2PMs Jay Park, Le Sserafims Kim Garam and Pentagons Dawn 1.

Former band mates then reveal a certain contempt for him in mid-2020, and a few months after that he is accused of sexual assault. moment), kpop. .

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In most of these cases, its due to said actors and actresses having serious scandals. .


They got kicked out of Enseetee.

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Daisy, Chuu, Dawn, and HyunA (Images via MLD Entertainment, Twitteridartheworld, and Twitterpunkbyelle) The. .

This naturally removed DAWN .


One of the first instances of an idol being &39;kicked out&39; of their group was SNSD&39;s Jessica Jung Removed from the group right before their comeback in 2014, the label and the singer kept blaming one another.

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. Nov 13, 2022 5 Male Idols Who Were Hilariously Kicked Out of Fandom Group Chat 1. . . . I think getting a fractured rib in exchange for a passionate fan behavior that basically did not hurt that "idol" is an overreaction on the part of the bodyguard.

5 K-Pop Idols Who Nearly Got Kicked Out Of Their Company When They Were Trainees 1.

. Nov 13, 2022 5 Male Idols Who Were Hilariously Kicked Out of Fandom Group Chat 1.

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But the groups career got a second wind after Queendom, as it renewed public interest for the group as they.


4 LGBT K-pop idols who came out despite discrimination, from trot star Kwon Do-woon and rapper Aquinas, to former Wassup member Jiae and Idol School darling.